If you are a smoker, then you know how difficult it can be to quit smoking. For some people going cold turkey works, but for others, they need a bit of help.

While there are plenty of options on the market, at Red Vape know that vaping is the most effective way for smokers to kick the habit. You may think this is a pretty bold statement, but we have the evidence to back it up. We even wrote a blog based on the discoveries of a major case study. You can read that blog by clicking here.

So what makes vaping more successful than patches, gum or any other form of nicotine replacement therapy?

Vaping to Quit Smoking


We all know that part of the enjoyment of smoking is the act of smoking, the rituals you have developed surrounding having a cigarette. Firstly, you take the time to stop and have a cigarette, you hold it in your hand, and you inhale through your mouth.

Vaping simulates that experience. The e-cigarette gives you something to hold; you inhale the vape and even see the vapour rising as you draw, just like a cigarette. This, in turn, triggers the muscle memory that you have associated with smoking over the years, which satisfies your subconscious desire to smoke. All while eliminating the harmful tobacco smoke.

Smokers reference the ‘throat hit’ as one of the things they enjoy most about smoking. The sensation that comes from inhaling smoke and the feeling that you get at the back of the throat. Vaping is the only form of non-smoking alternatives that gives you the same sensation as you are able to inhale the vape.


After your initial outlay on purchasing an e-cigarette, the ongoing cost of vaping is far less than smoking. It is also more cost-effective than many traditional smoking cessations methods which can become quite expensive over time.

The main costs associated with vaping are e-liquids, which vary in price, but if you’re buying good quality juice should cost between £4.99 and £7.99 for a 10ml bottle.

How you approach vaping will also impact the overall cost. If you aim to gradually reduce your nicotine intake until you quit then the number of e-liquids purchased will also gradually reduce. If you simply replace vaping for smoking, then, although you will be spending less than you were while smoking, you will still have long-term, ongoing costs.


You don’t need to have a prescription for vaping, so it is something that you can start when you feel ready. While you can visit your GP for advice on ways to quit smoking, it is not an essential part of the vaping process. You are completely in control of when you start, the nicotine strengths of your juice, the flavour and the type of device you decide to use.


Your level of nicotine content in the e-liquid will be largely down to the number of cigarettes a day you used to smoke. The recommended amounts vary depending on your usage, but the beauty of the vaping is that you can reduce or increase the levels to suit you. Once you feel ready, you can then start to reduce the nicotine level slowly weaning yourself off.

Nicotine levels are measured in mg and can go right down to 0 mg. As an example, a smoker who uses a packet of cigarettes a day would need to start vaping with e-liquids that contain 18mg of Nicotine.

We do like to remind customers that when you begin vaping, you may find yourself feeling more thirsty than usual.This is completely normal and easily solved by simply drinking more water. There can also be a few other side effects when you stop smoking and start vaping. These are typically temporary, but if you’d like to find out more, you can check out this blog from Vaping daily.


Many smoking cessation aids are limited in their flavour choices. Nicotine gum, for example, is generally available in plain, mint, fruit and very occasionally a flavour such as cinnamon. E-liquids come in a huge variety of flavours to suit every pallet. You can easily change between e-liquid flavours which stops you becoming bored and helps your enjoyment of the vaping process. The more you enjoy vaping, the less chance there is off slipping back into smoking.

Many ex-smokers find that tobacco e-liquids are very useful in helping them quit traditional cigarettes. A large number of smokers enjoy the taste of cigarettes. By switching to tobacco flavoured e-liquids, they still experience the tobacco taste and still get the throat hit they are used to.

Naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids (NET’s) provide the closest flavour experience to traditional cigarettes or cigars. NET’s use flavours that have been extracted from the tobacco leaf rather than using a lab created artificial flavouring. NET e-liquids tend to cost a little more than other types of e-liquids. However, the process of creating them is a lot more time consuming and labour intensive. The ingredients used also cost more than standard e-liquids and so you pay extra for a high-quality product.


With smoking being banned in all public indoor places, offices, bars, cafes etc., you can find yourself huddled under a ledge trying to keep dry while ‘enjoying’ your cigarette. As the understanding of vaping grows it is becoming more accepted, and many establishments will allow vaping inside, even if it is confined to a specified area.

What is more appealing than this though is that you will suddenly find yourself part of a community when you pick up your first e-cigarette. You will see that you are surrounded by other people who are on the same journey as you, trying to quit smoking and live a healthier life.

The vaping community is so willing to give you advice and help, share their experiences with you and cheer you on with your efforts. They will be there to celebrate each milestone with you and help you to achieve your goal.

Some people continue vaping with a zero nicotine e-liquids just to stay part of the community. To be there to share their success with others and to support and encourage people in their group. They are a group that are there when you need them and will help you to keep going.


Studies have shown that yes, vaping is the most effective tool you have in quitting. Take a look at some of the NHS websites for further information and support on how to quit. The NHS live well website goes through the practical aspects, such as choosing an e-cigarette as well as some of the safety concerns.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at the video on this website and think about the colour of those cotton wool balls. Not only is that inside your lungs, but that is on the things around you too.


There is plenty of evidence out there about the benefits of e-cigarettes over regular combustible cigarettes. There is also plenty of information that dispels the myths surrounding the safety aspect of e-liquids. Here are two more health sites that you can visit to find out some further information. https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/for-your-body/quit-smoking/using-e-cigarettes-vapes-to-quit-smoking/

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